Monthly Archives: September 2005

Art Appreciation 2005

By Tony Tohono

Wednesday night I was invited on an art appreciation walk. I arrived at my friend Tracy’s camp sometime after dark, and she introduced me to most of her friends as they congregated in the main camp area. 20 names I knew were going to be difficult, if not impossible to remember. When we finally got off the corner of Fetish and hit the road there were 22 of us; 21 Canadians and one Californian; We made a quick stop at the porta potties and one dude, I can’t remember his name, but he insisted it was something Greek God-like, possibly Narcissist suggested we all pick a partner to be responsible for. I clung to the hand of the beautiful woman who had pressed me into the fold.

Walking down 5:30 one rule was made: “Stay off the Esplanade”. I felt strange as we crossed it, and I made a point to tread lightly on the hard-packed surface. Off to one side I looked over to where I knew Mardi Storm’s Twilight Amina Rising, was located. I wanted to suggest we stop and look at the unicorn climbing out of the playa, at the bright and shiny psychedelic eyes that were watching us pass, but I was in fear of its proximity to the Esplanade. I kept looking back over my shoulder, wanting to go back, wanting to peer up at that translucent horn, wanting to slip between those clawing hooves.

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