Monthly Archives: May 2006

Supracompression Rocks London

By Wanda

For Burners in and around Britain, it was costumes ’a go-go’ at Supacompression, an event organized by the Euroburners in London on May 6.

Visually, it was a real treat. Overall, the atmosphere and great friendliness made the night a success. The event was a fundraiser for Nowhere, an annual summer weekend Burner event held in Spain, this year from July 6 to July 9. It brought together an assortment of brethren out to parrrrrrrdy. Fashionistas frolicked with “French waiters” in a night full of freaks and geeks. About 350 people attended, raising £1,300 ($2,400) for Nowhere and Quixotes Cabaret Camp Bar.

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