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Dragons at a Burn Event

y Mehl Renner
Ignus, The Dragon of Mysteria, produced by the Green Man Camp, was the recipient of a creativity grant award at the 2010 Transformus regional burn event in North Carolina. Clad in Mardi-gras colors (mostly green) Ignus came alive for the first time as the main feature in a pre-burn parade. Four individuals were required to operate the dragon that had lights, a mouth opening and closing and CO2 smoke blowing out of its nostrils.

Three people danced inside Ignus, and a lady jester waved its tail. Since β€œhe” was dressed in rip stop nylon, his fire was allegorical. Ignus was joined in the parade by green men, green ladies, a fire breather, drummers, and Celtic penny whistlers. The Green Man puppet – a giant puppet which first debuted in 2009 and takes three people to operate – also joined in the parade with his dragon brother.

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