Monthly Archives: May 2011

Feeding the Artists

By Lonestoner

“Food is the next big art form on the Playa.”

Since 2007, the Feed the Artists program has been living up to its name, providing gourmet meals and relaxing ambiance to the hardworking individuals who arrive in the Black Rock Desert a week or more before the event to create the art that blows our chemically enhanced minds each year.

It started when Keith “Colonel Angus” Rinzler had lunch with his friend and well-known Burning Man artist, Zach Coffin. As Burners often do, they talked about Burning Man, and in the course of the conversation Zach mentioned the fact that Burning Man artists work so hard that food is more often than not an afterthought. Colonel Angus thought that was bullshit and wanted to do something about it, so he called his buddy Jean-Pierre “Chef JP” Weingarten, and the rest is [BM] history.

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