Monthly Archives: July 2011

Burning Man Project Kicks Off

By Durgy

In a kick-off ceremony attended by San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and Board of Supervisors President David Chu and simulcast to the world over the Internet, the “Burning Man Project” was announced on August 5. The Project is described as a way to create and explore relationships for art and community. Chu said it will be a forum for ‘experimentation’ in San Francisco, and not just in magic mushrooms. The non-profit Project seeks to foster ways for the community to come together.

Larry Harvey, one of the Project’s founders and a member of the 17 person board of directors, described the opportunity to bring Burning Man culture back from the Black Rock Desert to the rest of the world. A guiding principal was that it would be built by everybody so that it could be shared by everybody.

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Figment of Imagination

By Mitch

“Figment,” the organization that puts on Figment will tell you, is what Andy Warhol once said he wanted as his epitaph*. Figment, circa 2011, is a free three-day arts fair on Governor’s Island in New York Harbor that gives Burners a bit of vacation from not being in, and non-Burners a taste of, Black Rock City.


While it isn’t an official regional event Figment shares the Burning Man ethos of participatory art. Figment brings the art, fun and games in an urban- and family-friendly way. That is until someone loses a retina in a foam-weapons joust and people scramble looking for it in the rain-soaked grass – and then it becomes outstanding.

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