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The Black Rock Beacon is an on-playa newspaper for the Burning Man community. Our goal is to share news, art reviews, tips & other information to help Burners get the most out of their time at Black Rock City. And, we love bacon.

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One thought on “About the Black Rock Beacon

  1. As an invested burner, I am reaching out for your support in featuring a project that is near and dear to me. I have successfully published my new book, Playa Dust: Collected Stories from Burning Man! If you are interested in reviewing it, please let me know and I would love to send you a free copy of it for this purpose!

    Playa Dust is a curated collection of experiential essays from devoted members of the Burning Man community. It explores a variety of themes from architecture and serendipity to theater and vulnerability. Throughout the two years of harvesting essays for this book, I have been diagnosed with cancer, in treatment, and mourning for the death of my mother. In the face of extreme hardship, this book has prevailed and I am so happy to share this peice of Burning Man literature with you. These essays were gifted to me in order for Playa Dust to be realized, and despite the political hurdles behind publishing and Burning Man’s own legalities, this book has met the bar and passed.

    Please support this cherished endeavor of mine and purchase your copy at http://www.playa-dust.net ! Please share it with your friends and loved ones! I have personally invested in the first few hundred runs to see it succeed because I truly believe in it as a resource and an experience library! Your purchase from this site specifically will go into covering the out of pocket publishing costs alone.

    Here’s to more positive, mindful literature about Burning Man!

    Samantha Krukowski

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