Black Rock Beacon Camp

We run a rocking theme camp every year in support of the Black Rock Beacon. By “working camp” we mean that the camp functions to support our publishing project. We interact with Burning Man citizens nearly 24/7, providing them with copies of the newspaper and a way to communicate with the staff, a cool place to hang out, and, for those that know us and love us, unconscionable amounts of bacon.

Our camp is generally quiet and low key, and it’s a fun place to stay, provided that you understand that our primary purpose is to publish a daily newspaper.

We can accept a limited number of new campers for 2014. There will be a camp fee of $50 per person, and you will be required to contribute several hours of work to the paper and/or the camp.

If you are interested in camping with us, the best way to make your intentions known is to join our yahoo group BlackRockBeacon.

You can also email us by clicking the Contact Us link on the left.

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